We LOVE working with other Real Estate Agents, that’s why we pay
$650 * for Management Referrals!

Have a listing that has not sold yet?

Refer them to us as management clients (unoccupied at time of referral) & when we first place a tenant in the home, you will receive $650 referral fee.*

*Applies only to the first tenant to lease the home, not subsequent tenants / leases. Referral must sign a management agreement.

Have a client that cannot buy yet?

For every tenant you get to lease a home that we manage YOU WILL RECEIVE AN COMPETITIVE COMMISSION! All of our listings are on lockbox, so call to schedule an appointment.

Learn about our Mega Agent Rental Management Team.

We invite you to learn more about our AWESOME Mega Agent Rental Management Team by visiting our team page.

** Certain Referred Properties / Clients may be different referral fee. Inquire with Property Manager.

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