We are pleased that you selected our property for your home and hope that you enjoyed living at the home. Although we are disappointed to lose you as a tenant, we wish good luck in the future. The purpose of this form is to make sure that your move-out goes smoothly and we end our relationship on a very positive note!  The terms and conditions of your signed Residential Rental Agreement and any extensions and/or renewal agreements thereof supersede any conflicting information found herein. Please read the enclosed information carefully to help you with the move-out process and to maximize the refund of your potentially refundable security deposit.

  1. NOTICE TO VACATE: Tenants must complete in writing and turn into the office a Thirty-Day Notice to Vacate Form. These forms are available to be filled out at the Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC website (www.MegaAgentRentalsAtlanta.com) or can be picked up at the office. If tenants do not provide a written notice this may cause tenants to be responsible for all rents until new tenants are accepted, late fees and other turnover costs could apply.
  2. RENT: Tenants are responsible for rent and all charges / fees up to the 30th day of their 30-Day Notice to Vacate or the end date of your tenancy, whichever is later. Failure to do so will result in late fees. Rent is always due on the 1st and will be charged a late fee on the 6th day of the month if rent is still unpaid. You will be responsible for all rent until all keys and garage door openers are returned to Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC.
  3. EARLY MOVE OUT: If Tenant vacates before the 30th day of the notice to vacate, Tenant should notify Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC and turn in all the keys, garage door openers, and/or mailbox / pool keys (or pool key cards) early. Tenant is still responsible for all the rent until the move out date, which is the end date found in the Rental Agreement / Lease. Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC will continue to attempt, if the house is still for rent, to prepare the unit for new tenants. If new tenants pay any portion of the old tenants “rented days” before the move out date occurs, pro-rated rent shall be given back to the old tenants along with any Security, Cleaning, and Damage Deposit accounting statements and any applicable refunds. Deposits and Accounting Statements will be delivered to the Tenant within 30 days after termination of tenancy and delivery of possession to the Landlord / Agent.
  4. SURRENDERING THE PROPERTY: Moving is exhausting and hectic, however it is your responsibility to let us know that you are completely moved out and to return all keys, garage door openers and/or mailbox / pool keys (or pool key cards) to Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC, 204 River Marsh Ct., Woodstock, GA 30188 (678) 549-4194. Remember that you do not surrender the property by merely moving. You have surrendered the property when you have removed your belongings, returned the keys and garage door openers to Landlord / Mega Agent Rental Management LLC and have completed your cleaning and/or repairs. If for any reason you do not surrender the keys etc on or before the last day of your tenancy, you will owe rent for all additional days that we do not have the keys and garage door openers.
  5. CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY: You are responsible for the condition in which you leave the property. It is our sincere desire to enter the property you have left and have it ready to re-rent immediately. To help increase the possibility of receiving a full refund of your security deposit, make sure you follow the provided information carefully. Incomplete work or missed details will require us to hire an appropriate crew / contractors to finish the work to make the unit / home ready to rent to new tenants. We cannot delay re-renting the property; therefore you may not have the opportunity to return to complete unfinished work. If contractors hired by the Landlord or Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC or we have to complete any maintenance and/or cleaning associated with the move out, a minimum $60 fee may be assessed for supervising the maintenance or cleaning. Additionally, the Tenant may be charged a $60 re-inspection fee for each trip to review all repairs and/or cleaning that needed to be done due to Tenant’s unfinished repairs or cleaning at move-out.
  6. FORWARDING ADDRESS: We must have a valid forwarding address from you to efficiently return your security deposit accounting. It is the Tenant’s sole responsibility to provide the Landlord / Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC with a forwarding address prior to the end of the Tenant’s tenancy. Without a forwarding address from you, Landlord / Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC will mail your security deposit accounting to the address of the rental home that you are currently leasing and as referenced in your Rental Agreement / Lease. We are required by law to mail security deposit accounting statement and any refund of the Security Deposit within 60 days of the termination of your tenancy and delivery of possession to the Landlord/ Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia LLC. Please do not contact us regarding your deposit accounting until the 60 days have passed.
  7. POWER / UTILITIES: Tenant is solely responsible for making sure that they disconnect any and all utilities in a timely manner at the end of their tenancy. Tenant is financially responsible for all utilities until those utilities are disconnected at the end of the Rental Agreement / Lease. DO NOT DISCONNECT OR TRANSFER POWER ANY EARLIER THAN END OF RENTAL AGREEMENT / LEASE DATE.
  8. SHOWING THE PROPERTY: You are under no obligation to show the property on our behalf to anyone who may inquire due to either our marketing efforts or the FOR RENT signs. Please direct all inquiries to us so that we can schedule an appointment for interested parties to view to view the property. A lockbox will be placed at the property for agents to access the home. You will be notified of all showings.

For more move-out information and a complete copy of the Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia Move-Out Policy click the button below to download.